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Sewing and cutting, textile designs, customization or creating patterns on measures.


The site provides a method for easy cutting and verified by experiments forty years of practical courses.


The book "textile design" is the bible of pattern creation.


This comprehensive book and its method allows you to make all clothing.


You'll find the basic patterns and the changes to your creations.


Clothing woman, child and man you can achieve in your measurements.




To understand, if you need a visual, we offer two one-hour CD.


The first will explain the creation of a full skirt and mount cutting and sewing and creating pants.


The second, creating a blouse and full assembly cutting and sewing.


Want to be accompanied in your accomplishments, we offer workbooks.


You will find in these notebooks, creative ideas starting from a model, you will be guided by the method of the book to its completion.


You'll also find books for special series like lingerie, dress, wedding dresses, prom dresses, alterations.


Create or customize, made your way, or you inhale the existing, or find costumes from the past, you have the choice of your imagination.


For your orders we offer Paypal, simply create an account with them.

Textile creation