About us


You visited our site and its pages devoted to cutting.

Our method of cutting and sewing was born in 1954 .

At the time the Institute of cutting and sewing lectured in cities

and villages of France .

In 1965 the Institute of cutting and sewing became Educational .

Courses each with a method of cutting and sewing renewed

are given by INED / INEC

( National Institute of Distance Education or Correspondence )

by oral combinations.

We made preparations to CAP and BEP fuzzy sewing and tailoring .

In 1994 we stopped classes to devote ourselves for a purpose

more playful editing ,

and we create new works regularly .


Our design office can create for merchants

and professional models they wish to achieve .

We prototypes , grading , research tissue

and we can make small or large runs.

Phone 0033 615 155 428

You can send us your requests and suggestions part of the contact form