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Textile Creation : Patterns making book on measurements
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sewing book

Sewing book


"The book concentrates 40 years of experience
in the technical method

It allows all to be able to achieve on measurements

a great number of clothes.

It is also an exceptional product for all futures stylists and designers.

This book for sewing and patternmaking learning, is the result of a practice of forty years of teaching, and a good simple method.


An extraordinary creation tool for making clothing on measures, please find below a summary of the book



Measurements-board P 6 Basic bodice for blouse P 66
Table of principales lengths P 9
Basic sleeve P 68
Practicals advices P 11 Blouse without bust dart P 70
Laying pattern on the fabric P 15 Sleeve for blouse without bust dart P 72
Special Straight Skirt P 17 Basic bodice transformations P 74
Flared Skirt P 18 Shoulder tab P 76
Paneled Skirt P 24 The cut-out Princess P 78
Folded Skirt P 28 Plastron P 81

Skirt with pleats

P 30 Basic bodice without chest dart P 82
Pleated Skirt P 33
Fitted sleeve P 84
P 34 Flouced sleeve or short flared sleeve P 85
"Charleston" Skirt P 35 Puff sleeve and mutton leg sleeve P 87
Skirt with pleats P 38 Straight sleeve for coat P 88
Shelled Skirt P 41 Streched short sleeve P 90
Skirt with yoke or cut-out
P 42 Flowed armhole sleeve P 90
"Bell" Skirt P 44 Tailored Sleeve P 92
Draped Skirt
P 45 Raglan Sleeve P 94
Gathered Skirt P 46 Yoke and sleeve P 96
Flounced Skirt P 47 Short sleeved kimono P 98
Trousers Skirt P 48 The collars P 100
Skirt pocket and trousers Pocket
P 49
Low-cut P 116
Hobble Skirt with asymmetrical flounce
P 50 Bustiers P 118
Gathered Skirt
P 52 Low-backed dress P 119
Basic bodice for blouse P 54 How to make a definitive pattern P 120
Darts and blouse transformation P 56 Buttoned garments P 123
The cut-out "Princess" P 60
Basic blouse with bust dart     P 180
Blouse without bust dart
P 64
Basic sleeve for blouse     P 182
Sleeve for blouse without bust dart P 65
Without bust dart     P 183
Dresses and tunics with Straps cut-out P 132 Simplified Kimono     P 184
Dresses cut on the waist P 134 Men's trousers     P 188
Pinaflore dresses (chasuble) P 136 Classic Men's shirt     P 190
Shirt dress P 137 Sport-Men's shirt     P 192
Straight classical dress P 138 Sleeve-collar-cuff     P 194
Dress with cuts-out under the bust P 140 Men' Windcheater     P 196
Draped dresses P 141 Men's Tailored Sleeve     P 198
Dressing gown "Princess" P 143 The toldders