Fashion interests you !

"Look at the book table of contents,
you will find the transformations,
which will allow you to create your fashion
or seek to reborn the old-fashioned
it does not say that fashion is an eternal " .

A Pattern which is drawed flat, is the technical of this method.

The main pattern or basic pattern is the bodice pattern type, you will transform it to get the garment pattern model you wish to achieve.
Our cutting  technique and sewing book contains these transformations that accomplish , shirts, blouses , dresses , jackets , coats .
You can make your own way or you trace on the existing one.
The book also contains the method straight skirt type and its transformations, pants, kimono, etc. ..
A section is devoted to children.

How to establish a final pattern with the bodice pattern?

1) observe the model :
Seek appropriate location of the chest clip ( shoulder , under the arm , size , bias , to armhole, neckline ) .
A default clip , check the clamp base from which one can get the patch or cutting that replaces it.


right or fancy yoke
shoulder lug , clamp shoulder
cutting ramp
Rounded cut : Crimping armhole
Cutting offset : Clamp bias, etc. .


Find the proportions relative to the middle , chest , waist , hips, etc. .
In all cases (even for clothes cut to size )
- Raise front and back of the bodice type with clamp base chosen .
- Shorten or lengthen depending on the case front and back from the hip line and parallel to the middle .
- Flare if necessary side seams ( the same amount front and back).
- Allow Overlap and facing (for clothing buttoned ) .

Type pattern are used to expand without :
Blouses, dresses Meadows , vests , tunics, etc. .
It expands to :
- Shirt dresses ( "fuzzy" ) , jumpers ( sweater or shirt on )
- Shirts jackets
- Gown
- Coats and jackets straight
- Tailored jackets .