General Conditions of Sale

General Conditions of Sale

About items available:

The items are shown with available prices.

The Prices:

The prices are quoted in Euros, the shipping cost is included in the total price.

The prices can be changed at any moment without notice; the items are invoiced based on the prices in effect at the time of booking the order.

The price is to be paid in full and in one payment at the time of the order. All the order is in Euros and paid in Euros. For all delivery outside the European Union, the duties or local taxes are the responsibility of the consignee.

Shipping costs:

The shipping cost is included in the total price indicated. For people who want a registered parcel, there are additional shipping costs. Upon request, we can add a line to include registered post on our website.

For countries where the VAT is not applicable, the difference will be attributed to the shipping costs.


See the indications on the site.


If an item is defective, we are committed to change it, subject to its return with the invoice within15 days of receipt of the parcel.

No packages will be accepted by the Technical Creation Publishing Firm as Cash-on-delivery.


The Technical Creation Publishing Firm is not responsible for non-performance in case of absolute necessity (strike, inundation, fire...)

The Technical Creation Publishing Firm is not responsible for the site content on which hypertext links can be sent.

Laws applicable:

All clauses, which are in the general conditions of sale, and all purchases or selling transactions, which will be made, will be based on French law, upheld by the court of Nantes, which has written this contract between the Head Office of Technical Creation Publishing Firm and the second party.

Purchase acceptance:

The general conditions of sale and the prices are accepted by the purchaser who has a complete Knowledge of the general conditions of sale.

The sale is the acceptance of the general conditions..

Prices and conditions can be amended at any moment without notice.