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Sewing notebooks

Some explanations on differents sewing notebooks we sall


We have differents books, because before we were a school for women who wanted to learn and sometime to prepare for an examen.
Our books are written in french, in english and spanish.
We wanted that people learnt how to make parterns, because we think that if they like to sew, they like creativity.
So the first book is a simple book with easy patterns, a page for instructions a page for sketch.
The first book have also a part for children with measurements.
The second book are more technical with a lot of skirts you can do, you have more instructions for blouse transformations in removing darts.
More instructions for dress making, bustiers, trousers and shorts making.
It is fashion design and sketchs you have in the books.
These patterns are used to understand basic principles for dressmaking and to develop in the self creation.
All ours books are made on this principle with instructions to cut, for patterns, sewing and well finished.
Have a look to the contents: