sewing advices

You must have some equipment

1. A tape measure. This is used to take measurements, measure fabric,

to take neck measurements on a garment, etc.

2. A flat graduated rule, from 70 to 80 cm, or 28 to 32 inches

 and a smaller one from 20 to 30 cm, or 8 to 12 inches;

which is easier to handle for smaller pattern pieces such as the collars, wrists, etc.

3. A sheet of squared paper to draw the pattern, or craft paper.

4. A sharpened pencil.

5. An eraser.

6. Tailor's chalk for outlining the pattern on the fabric.

 7. Three pairs of scissors, one to cut patterns, another one to cut fabric, and a smaller one to cut threads, open buttonholes, and to cog angles.

 8. Long and sharp steel pins (so as not to damage fragile fabrics)

 9. Needles. There are 3 kinds of needles: short, half-long and long.

 10. A thimble (which protects the right middle finger by helping to push the needle).

 11. Thread (cotton, silk, polyester).

 The thread range is indicated by a number.

 The smaller the number, the bigger the thread (for exemple:36 strong ones, 80 fine threads).

 The thread to tack (cotton,only one size) white or pastels (pink,blue,yellow).

 The string ( polyester, silk ) for the stitches.

 12. A sewing machine. A necessary tool to get a fast and perfect finish for your models.

 13. An ironing board.

 14. A mini ironing board to iron easily the difficult parts which need to be flat.

 15. An ordinary or steam iron.