Straight blouse pattern

Blouse Pattern
Blouse sleeve Pattern
Wrist Pattern

The Blouse Pattern

Pattern making

Straight Blouse

without bust dart

Necessary Measurements

1. Front waist length

2. Back length

3. Bust measurement

4. Hip measurement

5. Neck line

6. Cross-front measurement

7. Cross-back measurement

8. Shoulder length

9. Hip depth


BF : Back length

FF1 : 2 cm or 0,80 inch

FG : 1/6 neck line + 1 cm or 0,40 inch

GH : 2 cm or 0,80 inch, join FH with a curve

HH1 : Shoulder length + 1 cm or 0,40 inch

H1 I = 3,5 cm or 1,40 inch,

join with the ruler H I

EE1: 1/2 cross-back measurement + 1 cm or 0,40 inch

DD' : 1/4 Hip + 2 cm or 0,80 inch

Join E1D1 with a curve

D1C1 with a straight line.

This blouse can be used as a basic pattern that you make modifications to..

The yokes and cuttings can be draw flat since there are no bust darts.


Draw on the width of the paper

the horizontal lines :

AB : Front length ; waist line

AD : half of AB

AE : half of AD

BC : hip high

BB1 : waist line

DD1 : Full Bust line

EE1 High Bust line

CC1 : hip line

AY : 1/6 neckline+ 1 cm or 0,40 inch

YF : 1/6 neckline + 2 cm or 0,80 inch, join FA with a curve.

FF1 : Shoulder Length + 1/2 cm or 0,20 inch

F1G : 3, 5 cm or 1,40 inch, join FG with a ruler

EE1 : 1/2 Cross-front + 1 cm or 0,40 inch

DD1 : 1/4 Bust measurement + 2 to 4 cm or 0,80 at 1,60 inch (according to the required width)

CC1 : 1/4 Hip measurement+ 2 at 4 cm or 0,80 at 1,60 inch (according to the required width)

Join G-E1-D1 with a curve

D1C1with a straight line

Sleeve for straight blouse

Necessary Measurements

1. Total Arm length

2. Elbow length

3. Bicep measurement

4. Wrist measurement

Take the blouse sleeve pattern.

Draw the pattern lines, at the middle

of the sleeve AA1.

The elbow line HH1, on the sleeve cap line DD1, at the bottom of the sleeve BB1.

Draw the sleeve cap and down the curve with a dotted line.

On sleeve cap horizontal line, draw out 3 cm or 1,20 inch at the left of the point D1=D3 and at the right of the point D=D2.

Draw down the points D2 and D3 to 1,2 cm or 0,50 inch = D4 and D5.

Draw out the curve of the sleeve cap to the points D4 and D5.

At the dotted line of the sleeve cap base draw back 2 cm or 0,80 inch at the points BB1 = B2 B3

Join the points at each side with a ruler D5 H1 B3 D4 H B2.

Draw again the curve B3 I A1 K B2.

Straigth Wrist

It is a rectangular grainline

width : twice the right measurements of wrist required

Length : wrist measurement + 5 cm or 2 inches

(2 cm or 0,80 inch as folded over and 3 cm or 1,20 inch to feel at ease)
Shape of the Wrist

Height of 7 to 12 cm or 2,80 to 4,80 inches

Draw a rectangle as for the straight wrist.

Cut it, make 3 slots in the length and lightly separate them

(look at the sketch).

The sleeve pattern is made from the whole length of arm.

You must shorten it making a pleat on the elbow length.

Pleat measurement : Wrist length - 2 cm or 0,80 inch