to sew



Befores taking away the patterns of the fabric, you should place 2 pins on each angle of pattern.
This should be made in order to have marks to put the pattern back on the other side.
Then you take away the pins which hold the pattern, and turn the fabric (arounded drawn side against the table) and lay your patterns with the datum lines.
Draw all around with again a tailor chalk.
To get a more meticulous and precise assembly, you can make the stitch points all around each pattern :
this way :
go right through 2 of the fabric thickness you can make a front point leaving on the back a long stiich, to separate after that the two thickness of the fabric and cut the middle thread.
The threads which remain on each part of the fabric will mark the outline patterns.
Now you can begin to assemble the pleats by bringing near the chalk strokes, or the stitches.
Pick with little points.
You have to go on with the seams side, the shoulders sews, etc.
double up the hems.


To have a perfect fitting, you must pass the threads perpendiculary to the width across the shoulders line, waist, hips, to the middle sleeve and the cap sleeve.
All these threads must stay horizontal and vertical so that the garment can be properly hanged.
When you try on, the alterations are made on the right side.
Then they are reproduced on the left side, while placing the garment in twofold, you must take care to place the back and the front middles one against the other.