CD video sewing lessons

Sequences'list from the two CD video


To take the measures (important)

  Down the pic and at the left side, a
n° which allow to find the séquence.

II The Trousers (12 minutes 20)

Trousers pattern. Placing the pattern on the fabric.

Front hip pocket study.

Zip study.

Pleats study .

Down and at the left the time code

I The Skirt (time 38 minutes)

Skirt pattern

Study of the fabric, laying the pattern and cutting the pattern

Study of a pleat.

Assembling back and front.

Zip study.

Simple belt study.

Passers study.

hems - hemlines.

Skirt on the manikin.
II The Blouse (time 50 minutes)

Blouse Pattern.

Study of the fabric, laying the pattern.

Collar study and sewing.

Wrist and sleeve Cutting and sewing.

Applied pocket study.

Blouse on the manikin.
Pose du tissu